Cascara is a rhythmic pattern belonging to Afro-Cuban music. Traditionally played on the shell of the timbales it lends itself to many further applications and orchestrations on different sounds and surfaces, a cowbell , a crash/ride cymbal, the shell of a floor-tom or, like in this case, on the hihat
In this particular case, we’re not using it in a traditional/conventional music setting, but just taking its inner concept and sound, so to create a fat-back groove, with a ghost-notes and bass-drum figure conceived to well fit with the bass-line and all the rhytmic appointments of the track.
As a third step, in this example, you can listen/watch the application with the complete play along loop , so to work on fluidity, naturalness and musicality of the drumpattern when played in combination with all instruments.

You can download the score , the loop rack and the complete audio file reference for your practice

Audio Track – Cascara Loop

Audio Track – Loop

Audio Track – Loop + Click