Cascara is a rhythmic pattern belonging to Afro-Cuban music. Traditionally played on the shell of the timbales it lends itself to many further applications and orchestrations on different sounds and surfaces, a cowbell , a crash/ride cymbal, the shell of a floor-tom or, like in this case, on the hihat
In this particular case, we’re not using it in a traditional/conventional music setting, but just taking its inner concept and sound, so to create a fat-back groove, with a ghost-notes and bass-drum figure conceived to well fit with the bass-line and all the rhytmic appointments of the track.
As a second step, in this example you can listen/watch the application with just the click, so to only concentrate on the drum pattern.

You can download the score and the ercussion loop previously demonstrated in the Part One

Audio Track – Only Percussion

Audio Track – Percussion + Click